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It’s good to see you here. It means you’re in search for something unique and have courage to discover what others can’t see. We’re not like others. Welcome to Nobile Snowboards! There’s a lot of good boards on the market, that’s no doubt. The reason why Nobile Snowboards exists is that we know how to produce boards better than the rest. First Nobile snowboard was built in 1994! We manufacture our boards in famous factory in Poland – NBL Sport, the wood we use for snowboard cores comes from selected trees, we use APS core technology and other great patents.





Broadband Connection

Broadband Connection is an IT term, which means fast Internet link. Thanks to it we have all humankind experience within the click’s reach. This connection fulfils our permanent hunger for information and adventure. It can give us everything, right now, faster than the light, quicker than we can think of. Billions of text pages, terabytes of photos, mega-hours of moving pictures. Broadband connection is the basis of world’s functioning. It taught us how to learn it on our own conditions. How to move freely from one place to another. How to slide on the slopes of information. Broadband connection is the foundation of freedom for those who understand modern world and want to squeeze the maximum of thrills and sensations.


When TV signal becomes distorted, there’s a characteristic white noise on the screen. In Poland we call this  phenomenon  “a snowing”. The TV snow blocks the vision completely. It is an undesirable, damaging occurrence, as it cuts us off from the glass reality, incentives, information we think we cannot live without. Really? Just stop for a while. Clear your mind. Look at what see in a different way. Forget about the movie, news, quiz show, series. Enter the vision. Feel the white noise. Let yourself be hypnotized. Forget about the rest of the world. Just you and the snow. You have been possessed by the snowing effect...


Nobile SNB 20 years

During the Nobile Snowboards' 20-year journey up and down the world's slopes we have gained a reputation of a company which produces the most durable boards with the best technical parameters. The Nobile Snowboards R&D team consists of engineers and riders who have been taking part in World Cup, X-Games or Olympic Games competitions for many years. Thanks to their experience and love for sports some of the most popular snowboards in the world are made in our factory.

Nobile Snowboards Models

All boards are marked from N1 to N6. Each number refers to its characteristics and technology in which given model was made.