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Shipping & Returns


In Nobile Online Shop you can choose a preferred way of paying for your purchase. There are different options to choose from:

CREDIT CARD - After completing an order you will be transferred to the PayU website which accepts card payment in our store. Connection to this website is encrypted and hundred per cent safe. You will be asked to provide your card data which will be transferred directly to your bank.

ON-LINE MONEY TRANSFER - In this case the operation is secured by PayU service as well. After selecting your operator you will be transferred to its website, where after logging into your bank account you will complete the payment. All major banks services in Poland are available.

TRADITIONAL MONEY TRANSFER - You can transfer the money directly to our bank account, deposit the money in the bank or pay it at the post office. In such case the order will not be completed unless the payment will be registered at our bank account. You have seven days to complete the money transfer after you have made the order. After seven days the order will be cancelled.

Nobile Sports Sp. z o.o.

Konto: 70 1050 1070 1000 0090 3158 2910
IBAN: PL  70 1050 1070 1000 0090 3158 2910

Konto: 69 1050 1070 1000 0090 3158 2928
IBAN: PL  69 1050 1070 1000 0090 3158 2928

Konto: 41 1050 1070 1000 0090 8042 9625
IBAN: PL  41 1050 1070 1000 0090 8042 9625

Please leave the following information: NOBILE ONLINE SHOP – payment for the order no. (put your order number here).


Complaints for Non-Compliance of the Products with the Contract
1. In the case of Customers who are consumers, the Seller is responsible for non-compliance of the Products with the contract in accordance with the provisions of the Act on specific terms and conditions of consumer sale and amendments to the Civil Code.

2. If it is found out that the consumer product does not comply with the contract, the Customer may request bringing thereof into conformity with the contract by free repair or replacement with a new product, unless the repair or replacement are impossible or require excessive costs.

3. If the Customer, for reasons set out in section 2, may not require repair or replacement, or if the Seller fails to satisfy the request in a timely manner, or if the repair or replacement would cause significant inconvenience to the Customer, the Customer shall have the right to demand an appropriate price reduction or withdraw from the contract, whereas the Customer may not withdraw from the contract if the non-compliance of the consumer product with the contract is insignificant. In determining the appropriate time for repair or replacement, the type of the product and the purpose of its purchase shall be considered.

4. The notice of the Product non-compliance with the contract and the request referred to in section 2 may be submitted, among others: in writing to the following address: Nobile Sports Sp. z o.o., ul. Wapienicka 6, 43-382 Bielsko-Biała, or by e-mail to: client.service@nobilesports.com

5. In order to send a request, the Customer may use a complaint form template constituting Annex 2 to these Terms and Conditions.

6. The Seller shall take a stance on the Customer request not later than within 14 days by sending a reply to the address provided by the Customer unless they specify another channel for the reply.

7. If the Seller fails to respond to the Customer request referred to in section 2 within fourteen days, the request shall be deemed accepted as legitimate.