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Je Jung Lee (ROK)

Je Jung Lee (ROK)

Born: November 20, 1992
Style: PGS, PSL

* Name and surname: Lee Jejung

* Age: 25

* Nationality: Republic of korea

* Favourite spot in the world: New Zealand ski mountain (Mt Hutt)

* On my iPod (music): hip-pop & k-pop

* Inspired by: Snowboard competition arena (I always get inspiration. And always dreams of first place)
* Worst Crash: when i was a soldier
* Favourite Meal: korean food & pasta

* 1 piece of advise to other: never give up , God is with you.

* Goal in sport?: Olympic Champion

* I want to travel to: Boracay 

* Board: Nobile


Almaty Winter Universiad Games - 8th

Korea National Championship 1st

FB: www.facebook.com/SPJeJung
Instagram: www.instagram.com/jerome_lee92

Tell us a secret - why Nobile?
I have tested many kinds of snowboard brands. I chose the Nobile because the controls and movements are free. Enabling more sophisticated snowboarding. I think Nobile snowboard fits me well.

More: http://www.fis-ski.com/snowboard/alpine-snowboard/athletes/athlete=lee-je-jung-136359/index.html