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Michał Matuszewski (PL)

Michał Matuszewski (PL)

Co-founder Tylko Jibbing Crew, his main inspiration is skateboarding, which he tries to put in to the life, both on snow and water. Currently, you will find Michał recording material in the mountains or on the street, more than taking part in competition. He has also made several film productions, such as "Team Work" (2014) and "Pure Happines"(2019).   Born: 1991/03/29, Wrocław (PL) Stance: Regular Favourite resorts: Folgefonna (NO) Results: -5.12.2009 Wroclove snow-24.01.2010 Street contest Świdnica, 1 place-14.03.2010 Slope Style Session PROpark, Czarna Góra-29.01.2011 Volcom Stone’s Peanut Butter & Rail Jam, Czarna Góra, 3 place + invitation to  finał inLaax-19.02.2011 Quiksilver SnowTour, Czarna Góra, 2 place-05.03.2011 Kia Snow Cup, Zieleniec, jibbing 2 place-11.02.2012 King of Jib, Czechy Freestyle Area Vitkovice, 3 place-25.02.2012 ProPark jam, Czarna Góra, 1 place-03.03.2012 Capita Horrorscope Snowboard Jam, ProPark, Czarna Góra, best line- 21.04.2012 Everyboard Festival, 3 place pro- 07.08.2017 Snow on Hel,  4 place