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Oskar Kwiatkowski (POL)

Oskar Kwiatkowski (POL)

* Name and surname: Oskar Kwiatkowski
* Age: 21
* Nationality: Polish
* Never travel without: my boards
* Favourite spot in the world: Tatra Mountains
* On my iPod (music): House
* Inspired by: Nature
* Worst Crash: double backflip on giant slalom
* Favourite Meal: Scrambled eggs
* 1 piece of advise to other: Go hard!
* Goal in sport?: to go on the Olympic Games
* I want to travel to: Tour around Asia
* I like to wear: Snowboard stuff in winter!
* Board: 183 Nobile Team Race, 166 Nobile Team Race
12th in World Championships (Sierra Nevada, Parallel Slalom) 2017
Silver medal in winter Universiade (Almaty, Parallel Slalom) 2017
5th in World Junior Championships (Jabuli, Parallel Slalom) 2015
Silver medal in EYOWF (Brasov Romania, Parallel Giant Slalom) 2013
Few times Polish Junior Champion
7th in Europa cup (Sils, Switzerland, Parallel Giant Slalom) 2017
20 th in World Championships (Sierra Nevada,Parallel Giant Slalom) 2017
Tell us a secret - why Nobile? Nobile is a polish brand, I’m from Poland and
everything working perfect! Its pleasure to be the part of this team!