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Yong Jo Kim (ROK)

Yong Jo Kim (ROK)

Korea National Team Demonstrator
PSA KOREA Professional Snowboarder
Born: March 26, 1993
Style: PGS, PSL, Technical riding

Name and surname: YongJo. Kim
Age: 25
Nationality: Republic of Korea
Never travel without: no
Favourite spot in the world: New Zealand
On my ipod: in the and
Inspired : Shaun White 
Worst Crash: not yet
Favourite meal: meet
1 piece of advise to other: no everything's okay
Goal in sport? best player and coach in Korea
I want to travel to: Nobile snowboard's factory
I like to wear: any snowboard wear
Board: Nobile Titan 183, 166
2012 PSA KOREA Pro tour - 3th (GS man pro 3)
2013 PSA KOREA Pro tour - 3th (GS man pro 3)
2015 Korea Ski(Snowboard)-  Instructors Association Cup (Alpine Demonstrator Man 1st)
Facebook: facebook.com/yongjo.kim.5
Instagram: yongjo_kim_93
Tell us a secret - why nobile? because Nobile is light, has so high grip - its makes me ride very easily. Other reason - Nobile is so funny